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Sinetamer Surge Supressor

Sinetamer Surge Supressor

These internal causes can account for more than a million events per hour in heavy industrial environments. 


The transients can stop equipment and plants for extended periods of time, causing disruptions in the processes, delays in deliveries and loss of credibility to clientele. Often, the repair costs are minimal compared to the cost of lost profits or deferred production. Important industries have high costs caused by production losses and equipment reparations, some of these are:

  • Oil industries.
  • Industries with sensible equipment.
  • Telecommunication
  • Banking facilities
  • Bottling plants, labeling machines, bottle blowers, formix.
  • Clinics and hospitals.

Electronic control systems can be in: water treatment facilities, traffic management systems, industrial processing plants, plants with automated industrial processes, Data management Facilities, Communication systems, Mobile companies’ radio stations, Laboratories, Financial centers, UPS’s, and in all Military defense systems. 

The consequences of failures in these applications with very delicate circuits, in most cases, could be devastating. Therefore, it is critical to invest in protection systems in order to mitigate the damages caused by transients. 


Cascade Protection 

The principle of cascade protection is based on the fact that the first protection dispositive (1st level) will absorb and dissipate most part of the transient energy and the residual voltage/current will flow downwards to the dispositives on the first and second levels. This cascade arrange is used in systems with electronic equipment very sensible to these events and at the lowest possible cost. This way, the useful life of the equipment as well as the continuing operation of the industry will be intact against the effects of the transients. 


The suppressors line will cut the annual maintenance costs and will provide a ROI from 3 to 8 months. This equipment offers protection to the electrical system at the lowest initial cost. It has a guarantee from 25 years against any type of failure cost by any electrical anomaly, including lighting. No tangles, no tricks. 

EDCSUPPLY manages the following suppressors line:

LA & RM Series

Level 1 – The LA and RM units were specifically designed to highly competitive international markets. The LA units have 10 modes of protection, frequency attenuation clamping in reduced mode as the RM units have, network, UL94V enclosure, no DRC, very competitive prices. 

SineTamer Advantage

Level 2 – Advanced Suppressors Series

Level 3 – Advanced Suppressors Series, frequency attenuation clamping, 10 dedicated protection modes, 3rd Edition UL1449. CE MARK, Nema 1, enclosure, Standard thermal fusion. Many other features available. 

Medium Voltage Units

Mounted panel, dispositives for 1000 to 7200 volts. 

Data & Telecom Units

EDCSUPPLY offers a complete standard line of suppressors for Telecom and Data. Data units above Category 5 in several configurations, suppressors from 4 to 20 milli-amperes and coaxial. 

Protection of Individual Circuits

120V 240VAC Units – 15, 30, up to 60 Amp. Wired configurations, optimal response and enhanced tracking frequency, available with screws and wires. We also produce a complete range of DC dispositives in varied configurations.