EDC Supply

Quality of Energy


Services Department is the manager of customer problems whose added value is to offer solutions with support, advice and maintenance. Its goal is to ensure and enhance levels of customer satisfaction.

All industry aims to maximize the capital employed in the facilities, for which it is necessary to obtain the best quality in the service. Factors that influence this objective include keeping the facilities in good working order. Therefore, there will be no good economic results if there are failures and the operation of equipment and machinery is defective.

Based on the principle that every machine, installation or building is designed in view of the characteristics suitable for the work to be carried out; the Maintenance work includes all the activities necessary to ensure the continuity of the original characteristics, maintaining the highest level of technical equipment and guaranteeing the maximum efficiency in the services performed, with total control of the quality in theoperations to efficiently avoid any failures that may affect the quality of the service to the customer.

Main Services

Power quality studies

We offer the best alternative in electrical supply studies. With the best equipment and a staff committed to the evaluation of energy quality parameters, using national and international regulations we provide a complete analysis of the conditions of the system.


Installation of AC and DC power supply systems

With the best equipment in rectification and inversion of the electrical signal, we form backup systems of high range and greater autonomy, undergoing tests of operation under load to guarantee the successful start of the equipment for our final client.

Power Quality Meter Installation

With highly qualified personnel we install high quality electric power meters. In addition, we offer an integral advice of the functionality of the meters, software and analysis of information.

Hot-spot measurements

Using a thermographic camera, we detect hot spots on residential and industrial electrical panels, ground connections, motors, Motor Control Center, to guide our customers and help them to change corrective maintenance for preventive maintenance.

Power plant installation

We install with a strategic location power plants with a quality finish, looking to provide a backup in the absence of power supply with an immediate response.


Installation, Corrective and Preventive Maintenance of APC UPS Systems

Oriented to preserve UPS backup equipment through preventive maintenance, extending its useful life and ensuring its optimal operation.

Resistance and Soil Resistivity Measurements

We have the personnel and the experience to verify the levels of Resistance and Soil Resistivity through measurements with the methods and equipment that allow us to provide the most reliable results for the evaluation and design of the ground systems.


Surge Suppressors Installation and Inspection

We perform the installation of surge suppressors with the best location according to the IEEE standards. We also prove quarterly inspections to ensure the operation of the equipment and save staff time of our client companies. 

Installation and maintenance to FIRETROL Fire Pump Controllers

We guarantee the installation and starting of the Diesel and Electric Firetrol controllers, and alarm panels. We also ensure the operability of the controllers carrying out preventive maintenance. 

Harmonic Filters installation

We perform the installation of harmonic filters with measurements before and after installation to visualize the improvements that our filters provide to the electrical system, seeking the highest power quality for the final equipment. 


Ground system implementation

After soil studies, we are responsible for implementing ground systems with certified and qualified personnel, oriented to comply with designed configurations fixed when performing resistivity measurements.