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Harmonic Filters

The change produced on the fundamental wave is given by the sum of the harmonics waves that accompany the fundamental wave. 




EDCSUPPLY counts with the exclusive representation of a harmonic mitigation equipment, which fulfills the international standards, bringing the harmonics to levels that are found below the norm and allowing the correct functioning of the equipment and areas in an electrical installation. 

From our product line, we can mention the following units:

Lineator AUHF – Advanced Universal Harmonic Filter

The Lineator AUHF is a revolutionary advance in the harmonics mitigation area with passive filters. No other equipment in the market can comply with required limits in the IEEE Std 519 with an equivalence in efficiency, size and price as the Lineator AUHF does. When there is a requirement for an effective solution regarding harmonics, the Lineator AUHF is the right choice. It offers easy solutions that may be a challenge for engineers. 

The Lineator is a purely passive equipment that contains a combined inductor with a relatively small capacitor bank. This innovative design reduces the greatest quantity of harmonic current generated by VFD’s or other 6-pulse rectified loads. The resultant THDI is ?8%.

Lineator HP – High Performance Lineator

The High Performance Lineator model is used where the highest quality standards are required. It surpasses the efficiency of active filters by 2% or more, it is more reliable and its maintenance is simpler than any active filter available in the market. 

Lineator ED – Extreme Duty Lineato

  • For extreme environments with an excessive harmonic load in voltage (5% to 12%), ambient temperature over 55 °C and heights over 3000 ft. 
  • MIRUS also offers the Lineator AUHF for extreme environments.

Lineator ATL – Low Voltage Autotransformer with LINEATOR Harmonic Filter

The use of 6-pulse VFDs and other static converters have increased rapidly in the last years. With this fast grow, the preoccupation about the harmonic current level generated by this equipment has also increased. The harmonic current and harmonic distortions in voltage may have effects in many power distribution systems and equipment connected to them. 

AutoTranslineator is the biggest advance in the harmonic mitigation area with passive filters in low voltage. No other equipment in the market can comply with the IEEE Std 519 harmonic limits with an equivalence in size, efficiency and price as the Lineator ATL does. When there is a requeriment for an effective solution regarding 6-pulse VFDs, where the VFD’s voltage is different than the input voltage, the AutoTranslineator is the best choice.