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Fire Pump Controllers Firetrol

Fire Pump Controllers Firetrol

The problem:

Many of us wonder why it is important to have in our fire extinguishing system a standardized fire pump controller. NFPA20 is the standard for the installation of stationary fire protection pumps, accepted and adopted by ANSI. It defines the expected performance of: the pump, the motor (diesel or electric), the controller and establishes the minimum standards for the operation of the system.

The controller designed under the NFPA20 standards is a lifesaving equipment which includes the following elements within its design:

  • Operation of the system is crucial 
  • Protection of the connected motor is secondary 
  • Adjusted to allow operation, not to protect the connected electric motor
  • Magnetic device only
  • Thermal elements are NOT allowed
  • Instant reset 
  • Special tripping curve based on NFPA 20, 2003
  • Tripping characteristics 
  • Allows 300% MFLC indefinitely
  • Locked rotor trigger between 8 and 20 seconds (600% FLC Motor)
  • Instant shooting at 2000% MFLC, maximum
  • On outside of the controller, the means must be provided to read all line currents and voltages with an accuracy of +/- 5%.


Our company has an offer of products that includes advice and technical assistance for the design and specification of fire systems. The range of products is composed as follows:

Electric Motor Controllers:

  • FTA1000 Full Voltage Starting 
  • FTA1250 Part Winding Starting 
  • FTA1300 Wye-Delta, Open Transition Starting 
  • FTA1350 Wye-Delta, Closed Transition Starting 
  • FTA1500 Primary Resistance Starting
  • FTA1800 Autotransformer Starting
  • FTA2000 Medium Voltage

DIESEL Controllers:

  • FTA1100 - Starter for diesel engines in 12 or 24 volts.

All equipment includes the FIRETROL Mark II controller that allows monitoring, displaying and recording system information.

For all the equipment are available different options:

  • Enclosure NEMA 12, 4, 4x, 3R
  • Painted or polished finish
  • Dry contact options for alarm output
  • Data transmission via Modbus or Ethernet

Jockey Pump

  • FTA500 - Jokey Pump Starter.