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Sealed lead-acid batteries

Sealed lead-acid batteries

The VRLA battery is small, lightweight and high performance making it economical to use. In addition to these advantages, the sealed construction eliminated the need to fill the battery with water. 

Why use sealed lead acid batteries with VRLA technology?

  • No maintenance. It does not need maintenance since the gas generated by the electrolysis of the water which in turn is caused by the overload, is absorbed and reduced to electrolyte by the electrode. 
  • It can be installed and operated in any position since the gas generation is self-contained and there is no electrolyte leakage. There is no electrolyte in liquid form as the electrolyte is firmly held or contained by a retainer and the electrodes. However, the gas generated by the overload is absorbed by the electrodes and is not expelled out of the battery under normal conditions. In this way, the battery can be used in any position for multiple uses in the home or office.
  • Security Measures. Excessive overload or incorrect charging method may result in an excessive gas volume. The VRLA battery that EDDSUPPLY distributes is built with a safety valve that detects the increase in internal pressure and allows the gas to be expelled outwards.
  • Ready to be used when loaded even after being stored for an extended period. The use of a calcium-lead alloy mesh structure instead of a conventional antimony-lead alloy mesh structure in the battery allows the amount of self-discharge to be 1/3 to 1/4 lower. This greatly increases the storage period by increasing the life of the battery.
  • High performance lead-acid battery. Due to its efficient discharge characteristic and its low internal resistance, the battery can be used in multiple uses. Main applications include cyclic service requirements with repeated loads and discharges, as well as back-up requirements where the battery is normally kept charged and only discharged when necessary.
  • Economy. EDCSUPPLY’s VRLA batteries can be used for 260 or more 100% discharge cycles in cyclic service and three to five years in backup service. The battery needs no maintenance and has a low operation cost making its use economical. Being compact, lightweight and high performance contributes to lowering the overall cost of an energy source.
  • Uses of the Battery. Recently, electronic products are showing an extraordinary development. Several communication systems (e.g. VAN, LAN, and INS) are rapidly moving forward to interconnect portable equipment, office automation (OA) equipment, and FA equipment. EDCSUPPLY’s VRLA battery is the most suitable lead-acid battery for main and emergency power sources, as well as energy storage media. Our products are designed for cyclic and backup uses.

Specific uses:

Cyclic use

  • Portable VTR/TVs, recorders, radios, etc. 
  • Electric tools, lawnmower and vacuum cleaners
  • Camera and photography equipment 
  • Laptops, portable terminals, word processors
  • Portable measuring equipment 
  • Portable phones
  • Various electric toys and recreational equipment
  • Lighting Equipment

Backup use

  • Communication and electrical equipment
  • Emergency lighting equipment
  • Security and alarm systems
  • Telemetry equipment
  • Office computers, processors and other office automation equipment
  • Robots, control equipment and other factory automation equipment
  • UPS Power Supplies
  • Emergency power sources in electricity generation plants and substations
  • Telecommunications

Electricity generation with solar panels

  • Street lightning 
  • Water pumping stations
  • Portable handheld power supplies
  • Small town electric systems


EDCSUPPLY is a distributor of CSB batteries so it has a wide range of sealed lead-acid batteries with VRLA technology for all the applications available in the market. With capacities ranging from 4.5Ah to 1500Ah.