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Insulating boards for Hospitals and Clinics

Insulating boards for Hospitals and Clinics

There are international standards that govern the electrical design of these areas. Among the most important ones are the NFPA 99, which establishes criteria for different levels of health services or systems based on protection for patients, staff or visitors at health centers to minimize the risks of fire, explosion, and electricity.


The insulating board is basically a distribution board that has elements such as an internal isolation transformer, which must be regulated for this purpose, and a monitor that verifies the insulation and possible ground faults that can have its circuits. The board can be single-phase, three-phase, dual or single. The idea is that no circulating earth fault currents can be induced and in the event that happens, the board can issue an alarm indicating to the doctors and assistance personnel that they must take the precaution, verify the fault as soon as possible or depending on the situation take immediate action.


At EDCSUPPLY we can provide advice from conceptual design to project execution with the supply of electrical distribution equipment for the different areas of the Health Centers. Our product line comprises the following equipment: 

  • Iso-Gard Series 6 LIM 
  • Primary Breaker
  • (8) 20 A, 2-pole, Square D brand breakers 
  • Mounting arrangements for (8) additional 20 A, 2-pole breakers 
  • Reference ground rod with 20 terminals 
  • Designed for 120 V applications 
  • Available in 3, 5, 7.5, and 10 kVA
  • Ideal for operating rooms or critical areas
  • Field convertible above (16) 20 A, 2-poles, Square D brand breakers 
  • Receptacle: Red or ivory. Duplex or Single. Half turn closures 
  • Power and Ground Modules 
  • Optional Screw Breakers 
  • Centralized location of the receptacle and grounds

Iso-Gard™ Series 6 Line Isolation Monitor (LIM)

Selecting automatic operation voltage reduces repairs and technical calls, and increases customer satisfaction. 

  • Automatic test with data logging reduces the time required for periodic testing of the equipment.
  • Communication bus provides centralized monitoring of LIM facilities, providing predictive maintenance.
  • Ground fault locating system reduces the time required to locate detected fault(s)
  • The Interface menu makes the settings easy and the alarms clear.
  • Measurements of the electrical system help determine the root cause of the detected fault

It combines standard (208 or 240 V) and controlled (120 V) panels in a space-saving solution.

Main switch

120 V Output

  • Iso-Gard Series 6 Line Isolation Monitor
  • (8) 20 A, 2-pole Square D breakers
  • Mounting arrangements for (8) additional 20 A, 2-pole circuit breakers
  • Reference ground bar with 20 terminals
  • Available in 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 kVA
  • Up to 8 receptacles
  • Up to 8 earth connections.

208 or 240 V output

Iso-Gard Series 6 Line Isolation Monitor

(2) 20 A, 2-pole Square D breakers

Reference ground bar with 20 terminals

Customized control to meet customer requirements

Available in 15 kVA

1-2 laser points