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Power and Energy Meters

Power and Energy Meters


Moreover, the power monitoring and control is a concept that has taken a lot of strength in recent years. It is a continuous process that involves different elements such as information gathering, data capture and transmission, information management software, among other elements that allow us to visualize in real time the electrical parameters of an installation, which allows opportunities to improve based on the data collected. Additionally, for this type of product we can mention specific applications that our clients require, such as:

  • Feasibility of energy saving
  • Audit the bill provided by the utility company
  • Management of the demand
  • Allocation of costs by common areas.
  • Analysis of energy use.
  • Analysis for corporations.
  • Online Measurements and Verifications.
  • Monitoring
  • Energy Availability and Reliability 
  • Permanent and global monitoring of the capacities and groups of Generators
  • Operation and maintenance.
  • Analysis of the root of the problem (Alarms and Power Quality)
  • Measure and automatically generate a consumption bill for tenants
  • Identify and bill common area consumption.
  • Differentiate Utilities from Generators.
  • Validate the terms and conditions of an energy contract.
  • Provide energy conservation tools.


At EDCSUPPLY we count on the specialized technical personnel to guide our clients in the elaboration process of electrical monitoring networks, as well as the supply and individual installation of power measuring equipment. For this we have important representations that allow us to offer a wide range of solutions according to our customer needs.

PowerLogic Measuring System

Includes: Measuring equipment, data transmission, software management and information management

Power Measuring devices

Adapted to customer’s measurements. Includes: measurement, data transmission, software and info management.