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At EDCSUPPLY we have the best suppliers of inverter equipment that are the perfect complement of our energy backup systems, always considering the needs and requirements of our customers.  We have the representation of the following brands:


Standard features. Microprocessor control circuit.

  • Provides a complete friendly interface between the inverter and the operator
  • Digital LCD meter and Alarm display
  • Industrial style
  • The control programs can be updated in the field
  • RS232 option. Communication port available.

Power supply circuit

  • High-frequency switching PWM technology using IGBT
  • Pure sine wave AC output 
  • Low noise
  • High efficiency
  • Input and output isolation
  • Handles virtually any load, compatible with non-linear and active power factor corrected for AC loads
  • DC Input Protection Short Circuit
  • DC Input Preload breaker
  • AC output circuit breaker

Static integral bypass switch 

  • Fully rated output power.
  • Zero sleep time with 2 milliseconds detection time
  • User mode configured to operate on line (preferred inverter) or line out (preferred AC line)
  • Provides economic operation when operated in Off-Line mode

  • Designed for limited space applications within the telecommunications, computing, and utility industries 
  • The Model DC to AC inverter offers up to 2,000 volt-amps in just 3.5 inches of vertical rack space. 
  • The inverter produces a regulated voltage, 60Hz sine wave output of stable frequency from the batteries of the station or other DC sources. 
  • Standard versions allow operation, either positive or negative from 48VDC or 130VDC sources, because the DC input is galvanically isolated from the AC output and from the chassis. 
  • The inverter is compact, lightweight and compatible with either 19-inch or 23-inch.
  • Well suited for powering a variety of loads, from confidential communications and SCADA equipment to loads normally considered difficult for inverters, including small motors and other reactive loads or high-level overvoltages.

  • 1/4 x 19 ", 2U
  • Excellent overall efficiency and high-speed regulation
  • "Hot plug-in" design with backplane connection
  • High power density
  • CAN-Bus Interface
  • Capacity for parallel operation
  • Cooling fan with temperature control
  • Sync Bus
  • Excellent Sinusoidal Output
  • Off in case of input over / low voltage, overload and protected against short circuits
  • Three-phase operation as an option