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EDCSUPPLY we work to improve the power quality of our national and international clients.

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Composed mainly of solar cells in charge of transforming the energy received from the solar rays into manageable and consumable energy as electric energy. Solar systems have become energy supply solutions for different areas of the population that did not have the electricity supply nor clean and renewable energy applications. The photovoltaic system consists of the following elements:

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It is an equipment in charge of transforming the Alternating Current (AC) into Direct Current (DC), it must have qualities that allow it to provide a charging regime appropriate to the charge cycle of the battery bank connected to it and in turn in the case of the DC systems, to feed an indefinitely connected system load.

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The function of an inverter is to change a DC input voltage to a symmetrical AC output voltage, with the magnitude and frequency desired by the user or the designer.


There are many applications that we can give to these devices, from the feeding of computers in offices to the feeding of large loads. They are also used as one of the main elements of UPS systems and are normally used as complements of Solar systems to power different loads in AC.

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 The power measurement or electrical parameters measurement are elements of vital importance for the decision making in the improvement of power quality. 

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The environment is nowadays a global concern and certain actions are taking place toward its protection. One of these has been the situation of the traditional light bulbs by others of low consumption. But this is only an intermediate step, because there is a much more innovative lighting system: LED technology, which saves a lot more energy and lacks toxicity, and is currently the friendliest technology for the environment.

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These devices are one of the most common and frequent elements that we find in all the areas of any industry. Their function is to provide the DC voltage by which is fed all the electronics within the control cabinets that handle the automated processes.

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Operating rooms, intensive care and all areas where life support may be given to a patient are areas that must be treated in a special way, since the patients, the doctors and the staff who attend them are exposed to electrical faults that can be produced by the equipment used in these areas or by the environment itself.

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The nickel-cadmium electrodes, which are included in HOPPECKE batteries, are made from a fiber matrix with an exclusive design that has more than 20 years in the market demonstrating efficiency and success in the most demanding applications.

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The valve-regulated lead-acid battery (VRLA) is used in portable equipment and automation equipment in offices and factories. The battery also works in conjunction with solar cells to incorporate a decentralized power source system.  

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A transient is an event that presents overvoltage and overcurrent, which can last up to 100 microseconds. It can climb as high as 100,000 volts during extreme conditions such as lightning, as high as 20,000 volts due to utility substation operations/grid switching events (external sources), as high as 6,000 volts for switching inductive loads (electric motors), and as small yet disruptive as 2,000 volts created internally.

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Services Department is the manager of customer problems whose added value is to offer solutions with support, advice and maintenance. Its goal is to ensure and enhance levels of customer satisfaction.

All industry aims to maximize the capital employed in the facilities, for which it is necessary to obtain the best quality in the service. Factors that influence this objective include keeping the facilities in good working order. Therefore, there will be no good economic results if there are failures and the operation of equipment and machinery is defective.

Based on the principle that every machine, installation or building is designed in view of the characteristics suitable for the work to be carried out; the Maintenance work includes all the activities necessary to ensure the continuity of the original characteristics, maintaining the highest level of technical equipment and guaranteeing the maximum efficiency in the services performed, with total control of the quality in theoperations to efficiently avoid any failures that may affect the quality of the service to the customer.

  • Power quality studies
  • Installation of AC and DC power supply systems
  • Power Quality Meter Installation
  • Hot-spot measurements
  • Power plant installation
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